The Cultural Animation Film Festival 2019

May 17-19

Join us as we celebrate the third Cultural Animation Film Festival showcasing a unique collection of animated films from around the world. Cultures represented in this year's fest include Hawaiian, Taiwanese, Aboriginal , Brazilian, Athabaskan, Japanese, British, Baniwa, Dessana, Tukano, Ecuadorian, Tongan, Maori, Bolivian, children with special needs, Jewish, Seejiq Truku, Senegalese, Samoan, Mexican, Ghanaian, VR culture, Filipino, brotherhood, Gaelic, Cultural Ecology, Okinawan, Polish, LGBT, Zuni, Inuit, Korean, Childhood, Mesoamerican, Culhua, Mexica, Zapotec and Mixtec.

This program is presented in association with Twiddle Productions Inc. and The Cultural Animators Network.

Special thanks to our community partners: The Center for Pacific Islands Studies UH Mānoa, Miyu Distribution, Hawai'i Women in Film, DreamFloat Hawai'i, University of Hawai’i Academy for Creative Media, Lady Pasifika, Kapi'olani Community College New Media Arts Program, Pacific Islanders in Communications and Raatior Ventures.